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Spring Hammer
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  北京时时彩投注技巧专利技术产品,能在工况复杂、环境恶劣的条件下有效清除各种锅炉积灰,实现锅炉的长效、清洁运行。截止目前,已在有色冶金行业近60 个项目、130 多台锅炉中使用,销量超过3000 台。该产品低频震荡,清灰效果好,不损受热面;振打周期可程序调控;能耗低、寿命长、使用维护方便。传动部件选用知名品牌的传动设备。

  振打频率:3 次/min 可连续运行;

北京时时彩投注技巧  振打力:40-400KN。

北京时时彩投注技巧  智能振打清灰系统为弹性振打清灰装置的机电一体化升级产品,配备恩菲低压智能配电系统,能够对运行过程中的卡锤、欠保养、严重过载等非正常运行进行在线监测、实时监视和智能控制,提高工厂自动化作业水平,精确保护振打锤。


Spring Hammer

北京时时彩投注技巧Spring hammer is China ENFI’s patented technology product, and can effectively remove various boiler ash in complex working condition and harsh environmental condition to achieve

long term and clean operation of boiler. Up to now, spring hammer of ENFI has used for around 60 non-ferrous metallurgy projects and more than 130 boilers. The total sales is more than 3,000.

北京时时彩投注技巧Features: low frequency vibration, good cleaning effect, no damage to the heating surface; vibration frequency is 3 times / min, and vibration cycle can be programmed regulation; low power consumption, long service life, easy maintenance; core components is selected international brand SEW transmission equipment.

北京时时彩投注技巧Technical indicators: vibration frequency: 3 times/min can be continuous operation;

vibration force: 40-400KN.

Intelligent spring hammer is mechanotronics updating product of spring hammer, with ENFI’s low voltage intelligent distribution system. This system can realize online monitoring, real-time monitoring and intelligent control for stuck hammer, less maintenance, serous overload and other abnormal operation to improve automation operation level of plant and protect precisely spring hammer.